11 Most Expensive Countries in Africa

The cost of living in most African cities has increased significantly in recent years, as evidenced by the 11 most expensive countries in Africa. Africa has several countries that are beyond the means of an average person to live. In case you are planning to visit Africa, you should check our the article experts of Insidermonkey compiled first!

In the world today, the cost and standard of living is increasing at a fast pace on daily basis. Ranging from the food we eat, houses we live in, transportation, and what have you. Not every citizen of a country is able to survive it’s standard of living which is why so many people migrate to other “Greener pastures”. So as to not take too much of your time, after comparing the prices of goods and services, housing, public transportation and a host of many others, Africa Ranking was able to generate a list of the most expensive countries.

This wealth inequality doesn’t have to go out of any respective country’s borders. In fact, the wide gap between the rich and poor can be observed in a number of African large cities, which is similar to the 11 most expensive countries in Asia. Check out these Asian countries as well to get a better picture of the world.

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