11 Most Annoying Commercials of All Time

Every product needs to be advertised in order to receive decent revenue, and a lot of companies advertise on television.  Not many people like to watch commercials, but  there are companies and their commercials that just might make you wonder if annoying commercials are the way to go if you want your organization to flourish. To know all about those annoying commercials, take a look at the article experts of Insidermonkey compiled on the 11 most annoying commercials of all time.

Anyway, with the year nearly halfway over, we’ve had no shortage of commercials that have blown more ass really bad. And, a lot of these commercials are car commercials. They have always had a special ability to be irritating on many levels. They manage to pressure, guilt, nag, brag, and lie all at the same time. They’re also a constant reminder that I drive a car that would have to grow ten pairs of balls just to become a pussy mobile. The comments and feedback to commercials were also a considering factor; the more the people commented in a negative way about the ad, the higher it can be ranked. Still, there are no units of annoyance that can be measurable.

But first, be sure to check our previous list, the 11 most annoying toys ever invented to find about which toy came at the top of parent's nerves.

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