11 The Highest Paid Transgender Celebrities

Transgender people live a truly unique experience. They’ve had the opportunity to experience life from both sides, wear clothes for both sides and experience both perspectives of men and women. Nowadays actors, models, TV personalities, along with many other celebrities live transgender lives openly and are not ashamed of the fact that they switched gender. The amount of money in their banks also makes their lives very enviable. Now, if you want to to find out who are they, check out the list Insidermonkey compiled on the highest paid transgender celebrities.

Gender transformation is one of the most talked topics in the world. Some of them who came out in public are considered as influential and strong people globally. However transgenders make headlines simply because of their lifestyle choice. These representatives are making headlines because of their new worth. We have all watched the news, seen some celebrities opting to change their genders, and become members of the opposite sex. Most of these celebrities belong to or are indirectly connected to Hollywood, but you probably would not expect which industry the highest paid transgender celebrity belongs to. She can easily give the 10 richest actors in the world a run for their Tinseltown money.

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