11 Countries with Highest Female Population

In anthropology and demography, the human sex ratio is the ratio of males to females in a population. Like most sexual species, the sex ratio in humans is approximately 1:1. The sex ratio at birth worldwide is commonly thought to be 107 boys to 100 girls. But there are some exceptions. To point this out, experts of Insidermonkey compiled a list of 11 countries with highest female population.

Gender imbalance may arise as a consequence of various factors including natural factors, exposure to pesticides and environmental contaminants, war casualties, gender-selective abortions and infanticides, and aging. More data are available for humans than for any other species, and the human sex ratio is more studied than that of any other species, but interpreting these statistics can be difficult. Human sex ratios, either at birth or in the population as a whole, are reported in any of four ways: the ratio of males to females, the ratio of females to males, the proportion of males, or the proportion of females. Also according to the United Nations World Population Prospects, men slightly outnumber women in world population at 50.4% compared to 49.6% for the female. Take a look at the list of 11 countries with highest male population.

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