10 Easiest Dermatology Residencies to Get Into

Unfortunately, I'd have to agree that there's simply no easy way to get a Dermatology slot. Obviously, some residencies are more competitive than others, but even the least attractive residency is HIGHLY competitive. However, there are some ways. To know about them, all you have to do is visit the Insidermonkey and read their article featuring 10 easiest dermatology residencies to get into.

The odds of getting in are good as long as you can get into a residency program. Both dermatology and plastic surgery residency programs are highly competitive. Only about 60% of seniors in medical school will receive a residency. There are far fewer positions in dermatology residencies than other fields of medicine, such as internal medicine. Apparently, skin is all the rage. There are a number of reasons dermatology residencies have many suitors. Surely dermatology is generally considered as one of the most competitive residencies overall. Why is this the case – you can find out on another list of Insidermonkey covering 10 most competitive residency programs in US.

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