The Best Movie Sountracks Ever

Movies and music have been a natural combination ever since sound was first added to moving images. Whether a film is a tear-jerking drama, an action-packed thriller or a side-splitting comedy, the right song at the right moment will always elevate the impact of a scene. Not only that, many songs written for films have stood on their own, with the popularity of some eclipsing the movies that inspired them. With the Academy Awards approaching, you might want to keep your self up by knowing the best movie soundtracks ever. If you are interested in such topic, just click on the given link and read all about it on the Insidermonkey!

From Elvis gyrating in prison stripes in Jailhouse Rock to Prince putting Apollonia on the back of his bike in Purple Rain, rock & roll and movies have been inseparable for going on 60 years. In making this list, experts of Insidermonkey included soundtrack albums built around original songs as well as expertly curated compilations, but they generally favored fresh tunes over killer mix tapes. And while great movies and great soundtracks can go hand in hand, sometimes a so-so film is full of historic tunes, as in their number one pick. However, if you are not in the mode for movie soundtracks, our another article on the ultimate heartbreak songs might help you.

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