Most Expensive Japanese Restaurant In New York City

Most people think of sushi when they think of Japanese food, but there's plenty of grilling, simmering, steaming and frying going on in Japanese kitchens as well. Think teriyaki, sukiyaki, soy-marinated fish filets and other distinctive dishes that tend to be low in fat and high in salt. However, you should know that, they costs a lot! So, fellow New Yorkers, if you love Japanese foods and don't mind expending some extra money, this list of Insidermonkey on the most expensive Japanese restaurant in New York City was surely made for you!

New York City has some of the most exquisite and exclusive cuisine in the world and is home to some of the most renowned chefs from around the globe. While the average New Yorker budgets an average of around $450/mo for food, there are the elite few who seek out the highest standard of excellence in their dining experience. And the list Insidermonkey compiled on the expensive Japanese restaurant, surely covered the best of them.

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