Highest Paid NBA Players

If you follow NBA scene, you will be surprised by these names on the list of the 11 highest-paid NBA players. As many would expect, Kobe Bryant finds himself at the top. But this has nothing to do with his performance over the past two seasons, and everything to do with the big contract he previously signed. Will Kobe overcome his injuries and once again earn every penny of his $25 million salary? Let's find out! Anyway, these are the 11 highest paid players in the NBA and in case you are a fan of NBA, visit the Insidermonkey and read all about it. Trust me, you are gonna love it!

For creating this list, experts of Insidermonkey used the data published by one of the most famous sports channels in the world – ESPN, and other credible sources like CNN and Basketball Reference. To rank the players accurately, they also used their income per year and arranged the data from the lowest to the highest. Furthermore, if you already visited the article of Insidermonkey and loved it, there is another one compiled by the same team and it is about 11 highest paid college football coaches. Just check it out! You probably will love it too.

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