Countries That Spend the Most on Research and Development

Research and development is the bedrock of innovation. A big investment in R&D indicates a thriving and entrepreneurial industrial spirit. Experts of Insidermonkey made research from various aspects and found that the countries spending the most on this important driver of economic growth, which covers three activities: basic research, applied research and experimental development are also the countries that making the big improvements. To know more about these countries, just check out an article of Insidermonkey on the countries that spend the most on research and development.

Now, if you had to guess which country spends the most on research and development, which would you pick? Fast-growing China, India or Brazil, maybe? With all the talk about the decline of the United States, you'd think one of those countries, or some other up-and-comer, would be the right choice.  But you'd be wrong by a long shot. Just check out the list of Insidermonkey. You surely will be surprised. Anyway, regardless the countries, one trillion dollars was spent on research and development all over the world. Ain't that a lot? Let it sink in. If it is too much to consume and if you are a fan of smaller figures, check out 10 countries that spend the most on advertising instead!

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