Cities with The Fewest Doctors Per Capita in America

America has a longstanding problem with physician distribution. Mostly because doctors prefer to work in wealthier areas because of the associated opportunities, amenities, and prestige. And that is why the areas with the fewest doctors – that is, poor rural and urban regions - tend to have worse health outcomes. So, in case you are planing to move and worried about not having a doctor nearby, be sure to read an article of Insidermonkey on the cities with the fewest doctors per capita in America!

A state’s doctor-to-patient ratio has significant consequences. The cities with the most patient care physicians per capita also tend to be healthier cities, and vice versa. Statistics back that up. For instance, all but one state in the top has a longer life expectancy. On the other hand, cities in the bottom has a really noticeable shorter life expectancy than the national average. Cities with high doctor-to-resident ratios tend to have lower smoking rates, as well as fewer people who are either overweight or obese than those with low doctor-to-patient ratios. And that's why most of the people who are concern about their health tries to avoid such cities. And if you care about the healthcare even more, there is an article specially for you, on the 11 cities with the most doctors per capita in America as well.

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