11 Highest Rated TV Shows of All Time

The medium of television has certainly never been stronger than it is today, to the extent that it’s often difficult to justify a trip to the cinema when the world of TV can now maintain the same immersive, cinematic, artistic style. And yeah, I am talking about the best of them. And fortunately I just found an article on the Insidermonkey with a a list of 11 highest rated TV shows of all time. I insist you to check it out. Surely, some of you will like it even more than I did!

Surely, this list down to 11 wasn’t easy, but experts of Insidermonkey tried to include a little of everything. That said, there are certainly more than 11 amazing shows out there, so did you miss any of your favourites? One way to find out! By the way, as a TV show fan, you should know that when it comes to TV shows, most important ones are those for the best drama and comedy series. Speaking of comedy, you can take a look at the list of 20 highest rated comedy movies of all time as well.

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