11 Countries with Highest Foreign Born Population

Foreign born population has a significant impact on many aspects of life, from the workforce and the classroom to communities across the country. As such, many seek to know more about those who were born abroad and now make their lives here, whether as naturalized citizens, legal permanent residents, and refugees, international students and others on long-term temporary visas, or unauthorized immigrants. Now, if you want to know about the countries what took in the most, check out this article of Insidermonkey on the 11 countries with highest foreign born population!

This article of Insidermonkey is a list about foreign born population by country. This includes both foreign population and foreign-born nationals of the countries. Expatriates are included in the foreign born population, even if they are not immigrants, in contrast of immigrant population. And though migration is a complex phenomenon that equally affects migrant’s country of birth and country of residence. On one side, countries that host migrants have multiple gains – from cultural diversity to labor force. For instance, see these 11 countries with highest aging population and compare both lists, migration has its perks too.

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