11 Celebrities Who Should Run for President

With current president Barack Obama's second term coming to an end, many political figures, such as Hilary Clinton, Jeb Bush and Bernie Sanders, have announced their bid to run. And along with them, many celebrities have hinted or alluded to the possibility of them running for President. Of course, not all of them are right for this position. However, there are some, who really should run for president. And if you want to know about them, just visit the Insidermonkey and check out the list of 11 celebrities who should run for President!

There are plenty of other actors, rappers, and just plain famous people who could probably handle having their finger on the button. From  George Clooney to Angelina Jolie, this is a definitive list of other celebrities who should run for President of the United States. If you check out the list carefully, you can see the celebrity candidates range from atheist to Catholic to Hindu, with backgrounds in activism and raising awareness for issues around the world. Two of the actors have already played the U.S. President. Consider that a dry run for the real deal. But sadly, none of them are among the 11 most Googled female celebrities in the world.

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