10 Top Google Searches in 2015

The word Google has been part of the dictionary since 2006, which tells you just how vital the search engine has become. Google’s annual list of its most popular search terms give us a snapshot of what people have been most curious about over the past year. In case you want to know if you have missed any vital news of 2015, check out the list experts of Insidermonkey compiled on the top 10 Google searches in 2015.

For me, the more I browsed around Google’s lists of 2015’s top searches, the more depressed I get. Paris under attack, Cecil the Lion, Volkswagen emissions scandal, the list goes on. But lets be optimistic a little! It’s not all bad news. Some of the year’s most popular searches covered far less woeful topics, and the world’s top Internet company just released its lists covering the top searches of the year. Some of them will surprise you and some of them are well expected, but browsing around these lists will definitely help you relive a roller coaster of a year. So, what are you waiting for?!

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