10 Most Prestigious Cheerleading Squads

Any sports would not be the same without the cheerleaders. In the 10 most prestigious cheerleading squads, Insidermonkey focused on the beautiful ladies representing their respective sides. Some beautiful hot women dancing along the sidelines have become the most fascinating experience for fans in the stadium as well as for those watching on television.

Cheerleading is a professional career all over the world. Cheerleaders are the greatest source of attraction for a team and are responsible for more coverage, local support and increase media image of a team. Since that many franchises hired cheerleader’s squad to increase their promotion, media coverage and local support. These cheerleaders are enhancing the charm and attraction of any sports. Apart from entertaining fans, many cheerleading squads of America even perform for the United States Armed Forces, and are actively involved with their communities. Anyway, to know about the most Prestigious of them, just visit the link above.

NFL also heavily influenced by the appearance of cheerleaders as they represent American football on a global scale. Speaking of NFL, check out another list of the 11 most expensive NFL stadiums to build as well. Surely, this is also an interesting theme to read.

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