Top 7 Most Expensive Game on Google Play

In the world today, the most prevalent smartphone operating system is the Android. It is developed by Google, but unlike other smartphone operating systems, like the iOS of Apple and BlackBerry, the Android has been adapted by numerous smartphone manufacturing companies. Due to its prolific nature, the application industry for Android phones is growing. The primary source of application download for Android phones is the Google play store. It offers a wide variety of applications and games, that can be downloaded. Most of these applications and games offered here are free, but there are some, that cost quite a bit of money. If you are curious about these games, just click on the link to visit the Insidermonkey and read all about these most expensive game on Google Play. By the way, you should know that, the maximum amount a developer charge for a game that can be downloaded from the store is 200 US dollars.

Of course, more and more game developers choose to offer their titles for free, while making money from in-app purchases. That, however, is something that we may look into some other time, because right now we’ll present you a selection of more-expensive games that are available on Android. Also, nor are games the only costly items you can get on your Android device or cell phone; different apps can be quite expensive too . Just check out our list on The 14 Most Expensive Android Apps and compare their prices with the price of games.

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