Movies That Took Ages to Make

Single movies often absorb years of people’s lives to make.  Sometimes the result would seem worth it but, oftentimes it would not.  Luckily for you, the longest of these movies would only involve two hours of your time. So, if you are interested in knowing about the movies that took ages to produce, click on the link to visit the Insidermonkey and read all about them.

The production length of a film can range depending on various factors of cost and practicalities. For an average Hollywood release, the overall production time takes roughly three years. For the first year a film is in development, wherein directors, actors and crew are hired, budgets are decided and locations scouted. The film will then move into pre production, often including story boarding, redrafting scripts and rehearsals. Once this is complete, production begins, involving the shooting of all the scenes in the final shooting script. This can take a varying length of time depending on the size of the film and the amount of location shooting needed. Following the production wrap, the finished film will go into post-production, where the footage is edited and sound tracked. CGI effects are often inserted into the film during this period, which can take up to a year, including re shoots. A marketing and distribution plan is then decided on, before the film is released in cinemas. But of course there are exceptions. And in this article, we are talking about them.

However, if you are not interested in production time and want to know more about expenses, there is another take of Insidermonkey on the 8 most expensive movies of 2013 for you.

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