Most Successful Reality TV Stars

There are various sub genres of reality television, including paranormal shows like Ghost Hunters, hidden camera programs like Punk’d, social experiments such as Wife Swap, renovation programs like Restaurant Makeover, dating-based competitions such as The Bachelor, and competitions like Celebrity Apprentice. The fact remains that the stars of these shows are making huge salaries, and the stars on this list made the biggest salaries of all. No wonder they are the most successful reality TV stars.

When you think of reality television stars, the first word that springs to mind generally isn’t “talented.” Amazingly, however, there have been a startling number of reality stars who took their 15 minutes of fame by the throat and refused to let go, branching out far beyond what we ever could have expected of them to become, in some cases, people who actually deserve to be famous. So, who they are? just check out the article of Insidermonkey and find out.

After all, fame is a natural consequence of being on a reality show is nothing new, as these are part of today’s top 10 most profitable TV shows, which you can find also on the Insidermonkey!

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