Most Stressful Jobs in America - 2014

Everyone who earns a wage pays for it with some level of stress. Some professions are lower in pressure, and some are off the stress-o-meter charts. Which jobs are the most stressful? Before you get into the job market, be sure to read this article of Insidermonkey and know about these most stressful jobs in America.

While most people likely feel their jobs offer some level of pressure, a few positions are more stressful than others, new research finds. The most stressful jobs are those in which employees are charged with protecting the lives of others, according to research from the experts of Insidermonkey. The research shows that those whose work is often in plain view of the public eye, such as actors and journalists, also have highly stressful jobs. Now, if you’d like detailed descriptions on a few more of the most stressful jobs in the world, check out our feature on What’s The Most Stressful Job? 6 (More) To Add To Your List as well.

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