Most Ridiculous Lawsuits of 2013

Sensational news stories and frivolous lawsuits hit our nation’s headlines everyday. In a time when courts are overrun with sue-happy consumers and litigious lawsuits, some are just outright bizarre. Below for your enjoyment, experts of Insidermonkey compiled a list of the most ridiculous lawsuits of 2013.

People are getting ever more creative in how they profess the world has caused them injustice. That countdown showed among other cases, that one man even tried suing the big man upstairs, God himself, for failing to protect him from the evils of the world. Just check these Top 7 Most Unbelievable Lawsuits. You see, some people will try anything to make a million. Ever thought of suing someone because they look like you? Check out this and other frivolous lawsuits for a laugh, but don’t try them yourself! Frivolous lawsuits very rarely make it through the courts, and usually wind up costing the plaintiff.

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