Most Expensive Tasting Menu in New York City

Diners the world over are searching for more extreme restaurant experiences with every passing year, and they are finding them in lavish tasting menus. The best ones go beyond a great dinner; they’re often the highlight of a vacation, and in many cases, they cost as much than a night in a Five-Star hotel room. And for those, who lives in NY, Insidermonkey is here with a list of the most expensive tasting menu in New York City. If you love good foods, I insist you to read the article and check out these testing menus by yourself. Surely, you will be amazed.

Tasting menus have become all the rage at trendy restaurants and, if money is no object, you may want to check out these most expensive tasting menus in. A tasting menu allows the chef to highlight special ingredients and different preparations that set him or her apart. Food enthusiasts love to be able to sample many expertly created tastes through the numerous courses. However, there’s nothing like travelling and enjoying the best local cuisine at its birthplace. All you gourmets out there will definitely enjoy our countdown on The 10 Most Expensive Restaurants in the World.

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