Most Expensive Military Planes in the World

As the military technology advances, these most expensive military aircraft in the world were created. For the need of more powerful means of defense, flying military technology is/was developed. Even creating a highly cost military equipment is not debatable by some people as it’s wasting government’s money, but the show must go on. Just visit the Insidermonkey, you will be surprised to know about these most expensive military planes in the world, and how much they costs!

Since planes have been adopted for military use, the United States have produced some of the world’s most expensive as well as technologically advanced military aircraft. It is said that in the event of a major global conflict in the future, the United States holds the advantage of air supremacy over other nations because of their string of very advanced military air forces.

Also helicopters are employed in the private sector for various uses including transportation, search and rescue, firefighting, construction, medical transport, tourism, and aerial observation. Just check out our list on the 20 Most Expensive Helicopters in the World to find out which type of chopper is the most costly. They are not inexpensive as well.

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