Most Expensive Mattresses in the World

Beds have been around as humanity can remember, it is a place of comfort and we generally spend a quarter or even more of our lives in them. So it’s easy to see how people quickly came to realize the importance of them and they made their way to the luxury markets. So, how much did you spend on your current mattress. What is the most you have ever spent on a mattress? Can you imagine spending thousands and thousands on a mattress? Before you answer to these questions, check out what experts of Insidermonkey compiled for you with their article on the most expensive mattresses in the world.

People have been tirelessly searching for the best and most comfortable mattress for years. Tempur-Pedic, Kingsdown, Select Comfort, and Healthsmart by Simmons are some of the most recognizable names in mattresses, and some of the best sellers too. Beds with these brand names are known for their hypoallergenic components and control switches. What’s funny about the expensive bed market is that there are no conclusive studies about what surface is better for the most productive sleep, it simply has to do with individual preference. And nevertheless, most of us can’t afford any of the mattresses on this list. So, when the day comes to an end and it is time to hop into bed we need to resort to other methods to fall asleep. Just check out our list on The 10 Best Ways to Fall Asleep and you’ll find some of the top techniques to get some rest.

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