Most Expensive Apartments in New York City

Apartments for very wealthy New Yorkers have remained mostly within the city’s smallest borough. Until now. The record price for a Brooklyn home broke the $15 million threshold this summer, and by now it’s widely accepted that New York’s outer boroughs are not much of a bargain, growing further out of reach for the aspiring homeowner. The rush of new construction in gentrifying neighborhoods has pushed up the price of land, and that’s caused construction costs to rise, too. It’s also often difficult to believe. Are there really houses in the Bronx or condos in Queens that can compete with Manhattan’s luster? The answer will surprise you. Just take a look at the  most expensive apartments in New York City.

Everyone knows New York apartments are expensive. But this expensive? Real estate researchers from the Insidermonkey just released their ranking of the priciest properties in the city. It's not that much surprising though, since New York City is one of the 10 most expensive cities to rent in the world.

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