Most Charitable Companies in America

Though monetary support can go a long way towards affecting change, these names in big-business recognize the need for physical work, man hours and ongoing initiatives to improve standards for education, environment, equality and health, both stateside and globally. Rest assured that while each among Insidermonkey's list of the most charitable companies in America will certainly profit from your support. They will pay it forward, too.

This is a list of wealthiest charitable foundations in the US. It consists some of the largest charitable foundations, private foundations engaged in philanthropy, and other charitable organizations. Only nonprofit foundations are included in this list. The entries are ordered by the size of the organization's total financial endowment. Experts of Insidermonkey put the time into creating the America's top charitable organizations list covering a whole range of missions from international development, animal welfare, to museums. They wanted the list to be objective and based on publicly available web, social, and fiscal responsibility metrics. Yet a quick glance at our previous list on The 10 Most Charitable Countries in the World reveals that the US is indeed one of the top ten most giving nations on Earth, and the most charitable companies in America play a big role in those results. Just where did they place?

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