Expensive Hotel Suites in Vegas

Las Vegas has always specialized in turning fantasy into reality - for a price. Several Vegas hotels offer suites with futuristic amenities, audacious themes, enough room to hold a wedding along with the honeymoon, and price tags to match. There are suites with massage and film screening rooms, 24-hour butler service, pools that seem to hover above the ground, even see-through glass show showers. Now, if you want to enjoy this kind of lifestyle, even for a day, check this article of Insidermonkey on the most expensive hotel suites in Vegas.

Interested in pampering yourself with decadent accommodations? Desire a romantic retreat to celebrate a marriage proposal, honeymoon or anniversary? Feel like partying with a group of friends in a uniquely themed playpen? Look no further! And moreover, if you don't want to limit your desire only to Vegas, check out another article on the 10 most expensive hotels in the world as well.

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