15 Highest Paying Countries for Nurses

Nurses are often unappreciated but they should not disappoint because we can tell them about some countries that pay high to nurses. Insider Monkey has compiled a list of fifteen highest paying countries for nurses that we like to share with you. Let’s take a look at Insider Monkey’s article to find out about them.

Different nursing jobs pay differently. Apart from their specialization, the experience is a huge factor in determining the nurse’s salary. That is why nurses’ wages in the same country, sometimes in the same hospital, can vary as much as 100%. In order to compensate for this, we have used median wage in the creation of this list.

Since the majority of nurses is employed by governments, they have taken a significant pay cuts in the last few years, as countries around the world combat debt crisis and try to enforce austerity measures. This is especially true for European countries, although they still hold 9 out of 15 spots on the list. To read more, please visit 15 Highest Paying Countries for Nurses.

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