10 Most Ruthless Rulers in History

Throughout the history of mankind there have been many cruel rulers that use terror to gain control of public. They rule with an iron fist and an unrelenting thirst for power and recognition. Unfortunately for society there was too many for them all to fit on the list, so here’s the worst of the worst. From bad to worst, Insidermonkey compiled a list of the most ruthless rulers in history. Check it out!

They made history not by doing something good for the mankind, but by torturing, killing and terrorizing people. We've all heard about these villains, but do we actually know what they did that made them so unpopular? Going from bad to worse, find out what happens when power goes in the wrong hands with this list of the most notorious leaders in history, whom we simply love to hate! Who knows why some people are just predisposed to evil? Doesn’t it sometimes seem that so many of these hateful, ruthless people become powerful leaders? Perhaps their ability to reach a position of power can even be attributed to that ruthlessness. Throughout history, certain notorious leaders have been active proponents of hate and violence. Often, the root of this hate lies in a fear of the foreign or unknown, compounded and even excused by a misguided feeling of righteousnesses and the greater good.

Whatever the reason, there have probably been more evil, vilified rulers in history than there have been truly good and noble ones. It’s hard to categorize and rank levels of evil – is any type of evil really better than another? So to speak, today's bad politicians ain't that far away from those terrible rulers. Just check out these 10 Most Ruthless Politicians in History.

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