10 Most Popular Rock Songs of All Time

We would like to share something interesting with our readers who are fond of listening to rock songs. Insider Monkey has created a list of ten most popular rock songs of all time that you’re a going to like if you love rock songs. Let’s have a look on the article to find out about those songs.

There is no denying that rock music has had a universal appeal, largely due to its emphasis on live performances and instrument playing. Well, Pop still remained the great big commercial success pool, but the rock music caught on like wildfire as soon as it evolved out of Rock and Roll music in the 1960s.

The straightforward chords and quintessential 4/4 rhythms were still easy to relate to and yet it seemed to have a greater connect for its gritty edge. Quite rightly so, the late sixties are often known as the golden age of Classic Rock! The age of shiny axes and crazy hair! And soon the world had been taken over as a plethora of sub-genres began to emerge. To read more, please visit 10 Most Popular Rock Songs of All Time.

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