10 Largest Stock Exchanges in Asia by Volume

Are you searching for some of the biggest stock exchanges in Asia? If you’re, we can help you out in finding them. Insider Monkey has done the research work for you and created a list of ten largest stock exchanges in Asia by volume. Let’s have a look at Insider Monkey’s article to find out about them.

According to some economists, the origins of a stock exchange can be found in Roman’s societates publicanorum, associations of contractors who performed various public works on behalf of Senate. Cicero mentions in his works that their shares could be traded, which is the first time in history that the concept was cited.

Fast forward some 1,500 years and we arrive at Italian city-states and later Amsterdam which established the first stock exchanges in the modern sense of the world. At first they were no more than tea and coffee houses where traders gathered to exchange information and conclude deals, but over time, these have evolved into the economy’s driving force, increasing the trade volume by a huge margin. To read more, please visit 10 Largest Stock Exchanges in Asia by Volume.

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