8 Best Places to Visit in Armenia Before You Die

For those who are planning a trip to Armenia, a country in the mountainous Caucasus region straddling Asia and Europe, we’ve something very interesting to share with them. Insider Monkey has an article with a list of eight best places in Armenia that you should visit before you die. So, let’s read the article to find out about them.

Armenia is a gem of a country providing its visitors with a walk through ancient history through its incredible fortresses, churches and monasteries, most of which are located in stunning natural scenery. If it’s mountain scenery and trails to conquer, Armenia will satisfy that craving in a heartbeat. The Lesser Caucasus Mountains are the place to head to.

Snowy topped and sprinkled with more buildings of religious interests and ancient antiquity, it’s hard not to fall in love with the surroundings here. As far as if it’s safe or not, doing the proper research and making sure you check current situations is always advisable. To read more, please visit 8 Best Places to Visit in Armenia Before You Die.

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