11 Celebrities Who Left Scientology

Scientology is a religious system based on the seeking of self-knowledge and spiritual fulfillment through graded courses of study and training that was founded by American science fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard in 1955. Today we are going to tell you about the celebrities who left scientology. Let’s read Insider Monkey’s article which has a list of eleven celebrities who left scientology.

The Church of Scientology has over the years been successful in recruiting quite a number of notable celebrities to endorse Scientology. Celebrities Who Believe in Scientology include Tom Cruise, John Travolta, Juliette Lewis and Kelly Preston who have come to be known as staunch followers. And, the Church even has special ‘celebrity centers’ and departments for organizing celebrity events. It has admittedly put policies in place to solicit celebrities which in turn would help to garner the attention from the public at large.

However, the religion is no stranger to controversies. The Church has been criticized over and again for its practices which have been said to border on brainwashing and even defrauding of members. To read more, please visit 11 Celebrities Who Left Scientology.

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