11 Biggest Genocides In History

Do you know about the world’s biggest genocides? If you don’t, we would like to tell you about them. Insider Monkey has an article which can tell you about eleven biggest genocides in history. Let’s have a look at Insider Monkey’s article to know about them.

Having said that, it is a part of our history and us as humans should all learn from the mistakes that led to these genocides. We will start our topic by explaining the term genocide and when was it used for the first time. Genocide is a planned or a systematic removal of all or part of the religious, ethnic, racial or a national group.

This removal may come in many forms but it usually involves mass killing of innocent people. Winston Churchill once called it a crime with no name. The word Genocide was not used until 1944 and later it was officially defined by the United Nations in 1948. To read more, please visit 11 Biggest Genocides In History.

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