The 7 Worst Blown Calls in Sports History

Referees are humans just like the rest of us, so it's natural for them to miss a few calls here and there. In certain situations, though, a blown call can be unbearable to watch and have huge implications on the outcome of the game. If you are a sports fan, you will be surprised to see these worst blown calls in sports history. These calls really changed the outcome of the game, and of course in an unexpected way.

Is there anything more painful than watching your team go down on a bad call? It's one thing to lose fair and square to a better opponent, but another thing entirely to get robbed by a half-blind, home team-loving, officially awful official. OK, fine. Referees and umpires are human beings who make human mistakes. That's understandable. But why do they always have to make their human mistakes against our team? Before you think that the world is against you, check out these 10 ridiculous blown calls. If you still feel victimized, volunteer for a season as a Little League umpire. Then you'll know what real pain is.

If you feel the negative emotions flowing after you witness the most appalling blown calls ever, chances are that you’ll stabilize with some amazing comebacks that showcase the purity and greatness of sports. So lets check out this list of list It Ain’t Over Till It’s Over: The 10 Most Incredible Comebacks in Sports History.

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