The 15 Most Famous Carl Icahn Quotes

Unless you've been living under a rock, you know that the loudest voice to enter into the drama between Bill Ackman and his short, Herbalife is legendary investor Carl Icahn. Icahn has a really sharp mind, and his delivery was even sharper. And that have made him a quite figure to watch. So, if you are interested in him, check out the article of Insidermonkey on the most famous Carl Icahn quotes.

Born Carl Celian Icahn has an estimated net worth of $23.4 billion as of March 2014 according to Forbes. Born in New York in 1936, billionaire Carl Icahn is one of the greatest Private Equity investors and corporate leaders in the world. Better known as a corporate raider because of his stupendous acquisitions, Carl is one of the peak 50 wealthy people according to the Forbes list. His net worth in the year 2011 was US$12.5 billion. Raised in a middle class family, Carl graduated in philosophy and then dropped out from the New York University School of medicine after three years. Initially, this philosophy graduate wanted to excel as an Opera singer but after learning broker’s trade, he established his own brokerage firm. He polished his fate by greenmailing large corporations and buying stocks. The imperial shareholder acquired huge profit by buying large stakes in major companies which include Tran world Airlines, Texaco oil and United States Steel Corporation. His corporate tactics were highly influenced by Michael Milken. He laid the foundation for Foxfield Thoroughbreds and even owned Larida a mare for some years. At present, Carl is a proud owner of several companies and has Casino interests in Las Vegas.

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