7 Most Wasteful Companies in America

You might have heard about lots of famous American companies but have you ever heard about any wasteful one? We can tell you about seven such companies, as Insider Monkey has compiled a list of seven most wasteful companies in America. Let’s read the article to find out about them.

There comes a point in every company’s life where there is enough money stashed in back-up funds and rescue strategies, where a company already makes a lot more than they spend and they just get greedy and decide to expand further and further. While doing this, many companies (even some on this list) also try to undertake new, risky endeavors with different products or aggressive market expansion which sometimes really does not work out for them.

A lot of products or marketing strategies start out as a splendid idea and end in a disastrous, unfinished, poorly executed ink blot on the reputation of the company. To read more about the topic, please visit 7 Most Wasteful Companies in America.

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