11 Least Racist States in America

Racism may be a problem for many countries all around the world but not for the states in the list we are going to tell you about. Insider Monkey has an article with a list of eleven least racist states in America. Let’s have a look on the article to find out about those states.

The country’s racial bias goes back to its origins where racial hate crimes were first conducted against the native population to a genocidal extent which is a matter of serious debate and criticism to this date. Soon after, slavery followed in a manner which the world hadn’t seen since the ancient times and even though a lot of effort and lives went into its abolishing, the basis for an image that defined a whole race was created.

This lasts to this date, where other events such as wars and terrorist attacks have sparked serious racial hate towards certain people. African Americans have long stopped being the strongly highlighted focus of racial bias and today we can see not only the everyday disregard to the social status and human rights of people of color but also a worrying number of hate crime. To read more, please visit 11 Least Racist States in America.

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