The 7 Most Addictive Foods in the World

From Doritos to Oreos to M&M’S, which one of America’s favorite junk foods is considered the most addictive? A brand new list has ranked most addictive foods in the world. Insidermonkey takes a closer look at the list plus some healthy alternatives, and if you are interested in addictive foods, you should click on the link and visit the article!

Once upon a time, when you sat down to eat, you knew exactly what you were putting in your mouth. But as science and technology have evolved, so has our food. Putting fork to mouth now is a lot less straightforward, mostly thanks to the growing popularity and evolution of food processing. In fact, processed fare makes up more than 60 percent of purchased calories, according to a recent analysis of U.S. grocery purchases. What’s worse, food companies pay big bucks for scientists to engineer the taste, feel, smell and even the sound of these products in ways that trigger our neurological pleasure centers. The result: Highly caloric and fattening foods that are nearly impossible to put down that add flab to our frames.

Luckily, once you know which foods are the most addictive, you can simply steer clear—which will help the pounds fly off! Read on to discover which of your snack-time favorites are particularly hard to put down once you start munching and learn what alternative foods can satisfy your craving without derailing your diet. Yale University’s Food Addiction Scale has put these foods, because of their amount of chemicals, in the same category as drugs of abuse. So, before getting addicted to one of these foods, you should take a look at the 10 Most Addictive Drugs In the World as well.

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