The 10 Most Exclusive Credit Cards in the World

While many people consider their cards to be nothing more than payment tools, others consider them to be status and fashion symbols, like a piece of jewelry or the latest handbag. But what is the most exclusive credit cards in the world? Here are several contenders.

With wealth and money comes a lot of highly exclusive clubs whose doors open wide for the rich to enter through. Just one of those doors is the highly exclusive world of credit cards. For average citizens, credit cards are a means of either getting by when money is tight or a method of making extra purchases from time to time. But for the ultra-wealthy, credit cards come with power and some very nice perks. From average perks like hotel upgrades and private airport lounges to highly coveted private jet rides and vacation getaways, exclusive credit cards offer the best that money has to offer. But getting access to these perks isn’t easy. It takes a lot of money and a whole lot of status. Many exclusive credit cards come only by invitation. Some exclusive credit cards cater only to the top 1% of the population and require at least six-figures to be charged to the credit card each year. Some cards only allow the elite members of private banks to even apply for the credit card. While others are so exclusive that the details of their qualifications remain shrouded with mystery.

If you interested in those cards, you should know that only some high paid professionals can make fortunes and request an exclusive credit card. Doctors, for example, are among the highest paid professionals in the workforce. So, lets take a look at the 16 Highest Paying Countries for Doctors.

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