7 Useless Products You Never Should’ve Bought

This is an interesting post in a way that you would have always read about  astonishing and amazing inventions, but never read about most useless inventions. Today we have a look at seven of these useless products you never should’ve bought . And to know everything about them, all you have to do is click on the link and read the article on the Insidermonkey!

Once upon a time, things were made to serve a purpose. Consider the light bulb, the compass, and the cardiac pacemaker. No doubt necessity was once the mother of invention. The problem with useless products is threefold. First, they squander natural resources (energy, raw materials, mineral deposits and infomercial star Anthony Sullivan's precious time). Secondly, they clog up landfills and, thirdly, they throw us into a cycle of never ending consumption.

Most of the time individual comes along and turns our world upside down with their creative genius. For every successful invention out there, however, there is a whole slew of failures and every once in a while those failures not only go down in history as being completely and utterly useless, but they do but they also end up on lists such as this one. However, not everything is as useless as it seems, for example, take a look at the 12 Everyday Products You’ve Been Using Completely Wrong. When using them right, they are not useless at all!

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