16 Most Hated Companies in America

To keep the position dominating in market, it is very important for companies to listen to their customers and give them what they want. When a company stops paying attention towards customers’ satisfaction, its popularity and position starts to decline. We can tell you about some of the companies which have failed to retain the love of their customers and have become the most hated ones. Let’s have a look on Insider Monkey’s article to find out about the sixteen most hated companies in America.

Due to bad service, shady practices or a well-crafted combination of the two, all these companies are the evil giants in the nation’s eyes. Do all of them deserve the hate? Maybe, maybe not. Lots of them have a lot of controversy behind their backs, and lots of them still have at least one controversial ongoing practice.

There is lots that bad reputation could do to a business, especially in the bottom brink of the chain where the customers are. However, for many of these, individuals are either not the direct buyer/user or are forced to use the company’s services due to there being little to no available other options or competition. To read more, please visit 16 Most Hated Companies in America.

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