11 Countries With The Highest Rates of Malaria in The World

Even with significant technology advancements in the medical sector today, malaria is a big problem for many countries around the world. We can tell you about many countries which have the highest rates of malaria in the world. Let’s have a look on Insider Monkey’s article to find out about those unlucky countries that are unable to control the disease of malaria.

Malaria has affected a large number of people in the past and it still remains one of the biggest threats to life. According to many authentic reports, about half of the countries around the world are affected by Malaria. Africa is probably the most affected region by the disease and is also known as “the heartland of Malaria”. Whereas, countries outside Africa are putting serious efforts in eliminating the disease.

The sad part is, almost 85 percent of the deaths recorded due to Malaria are of kids under five. The disease is highly contagious. It can very easily spread from one person to another, for example, If somebody has Malaria already and a mosquito bites him, the mosquito gets Malaria, and then it can transfer the disease to another person. To read more, please visit 11 Countries With The Highest Rates of Malaria in The World.

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