10 Cheapest Places to Buy Cigarettes in the World

Being a dedicated smoker or not, have you ever wondered which are the cheapest places to buy cigarettes in the world? It is an interesting question since tobacco and cigarette prices are generally on the rise globally.
Yes, there are health consequences of smoking (as well as alcohol, unhealthy diet and unhealthy lifestyle in general). Governments are putting efforts in reducing number of smokers by many means: rising taxes on tobacco which consequentially rises the prices, banning smoking on public places, banning cigarette advertisement etc…

But tobacco was being used since 4000 of years ago among the peoples of South America, being chewed or smoked. In these cultures, smoking, and use of tobacco and other psychoactive substances, in general, was of the ritual importance and was consumed by shamans. It was of course introduced to the rest of the world when American continent was “discovered” by Europeans in the 15th century when the mass production and cultivation of tobacco started. Even though there are more ways of tobacco use than smoking, such as sniffing or chewing, the most common way of tobacco use remained in the shape of cigarettes.

Since the smoking and tobacco (and alcohol and other psychoactive substance use in general) have been in human society for such a long time as part of culture, it is hard to eliminate these habits from people’s lives.

But, as it is to be expected, high income countries are doing better job when it comes to minimizing the cigarette selling and use. On the other hand, cigarettes are way more affordable in low and middle income countries, as well as the alcohol, and hence these countries have more health issues related to tobacco and alcohol.

But anyway, health consequences of tobacco use are not in our focus now. We are here to investigate where you can buy the cheapest cigarettes. So, for that matter we have found for you a choice of 10 Cheapest Places to Buy Cigarettes in the World.

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